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Payroll Service

Our stand-alone payroll service is carried out off-site. You may just employ one person, you may employ 50. Either way, we have a payroll bureau that can handle the stresses and strains of working it all out - holiday pay, maternity pay, sick pay, paternity pay.

Many small businesses outsource payroll functions to us because it's an administrative task which takes them away from their core business.

How does your Payroll service work?

We have a set deadline for each payroll run, and you need to fax or email us the hours that need to be calculated for each person on the payroll.

Do you deal with starters and leavers ?

Yes. We can point out which forms we need when a new person starts i.e. a P46 or a P45. And when they leave, we'll run off a P45 for you to give them.

How much do you charge for Payroll?

When we run the payroll from our site, we have an initial set-up fee of £30. Our payroll fee includes the payslips, and sending you the calculation for the tax & NI.

For monthly payroll:

1-2 employees, we charge £20 plus VAT, for 3-5 employees £25 plus VAT, 6-10 employees its £30 plus VAT, for 11-15 employees its £35 plus VAT - and it increases in £5 increments onwards, for every 5 monthly employees there are.

For weekly payroll:

1-5 employees, we charge £15 plus VAT, for 6-10 employees its £20 plus VAT, for 11-15 employees if £25 plus VAT - and it increases in £5 increments onwards, for every 5 weekly employees there are.

Can you deal with the year end p60s and annual filing ?

There is an annual fee of £35 plus VAT is due every April, when we do the p60 forms and complete the year end.

Do you only deal with UK companies ?

Yes. We have offices in London & Nottingham. We are familiar with UK wage laws and legislation, so we'll only run the payroll for UK based companies. We have partners in Australia and the USA - so we can point you in their direction, if your business is based there.

Someone else is currently doing our payroll. How do we hand over to you ?

  • We'll send you an employee form, (one a4 page) which we'll need you to fill in for every person on your current payroll.
  • We'll need the figures or the paperwork for the last run that you did.
  • We'll also send you a welcome book, which talks about Boogles, and what we need from you by each payroll run deadline.
  • The yellow booklet can be kept on your site, in your business, and we'll give you the figures for that every month or every quarter (depending on how often you pay your tax and NI to the Inland Revenue)
  • We can start handling the payroll, as soon as we have the first two bullet points above.

Our client terms of business are available for download here.

We offer a UK wide payroll service, which we carry out in our London office. 


UK Payroll  - useful information

Details of the National Insurance rates and limits and thresholds can be found at:

How does payroll work?

A business needs to register to the Inland Revenue as an employer. The employer then has the responsilbility for paying its staff and deducting tax (PAYE), Class 1 NICs, Student Loan deductions,and any CIS deductions from subcontractors and paying this over to the IR by specified dates.

Payment Due Dates

The cut off date is the 5th, and an employer needs to ensure that the Inland Revenue receive their payment by the 19th of the month. For employers who pay electronically, they have until the 22nd of the month. And where the employer is eligible to pay quarterly, then the payment must be made by either the 19th or the 22nd, (depending on the payment method) by the relevant quarter.

Reminder for the payment dates aree online:

Paying Quarterly

If your average monthly payment for the current tax year is likely to be less than £1,500, you can pay quarterly rather than monthly. The tax quarters end on the 5th of July, October, January and April.

If no payment is due

You must inform the Inland Revenue, otherwise, you'll receive a payment reminder, as they'll assume that it must have slipped your mind. You can let them know by:

  • Going online:
  • Phoning them on 08453 667 81608453 667 816 and quoting your Accounts Office reference number (to be found on your yellow booklet)
  • Sending in a signed payslip (form P30B) for the correct month or quarter marked "NIL due" to your Accounts Office