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We are all bookkeepers, and we operate a bookkeeping service in Acton, Ealing, Shepherd's Bush, Kensington, Holland Park, West London aimed at the busy owner manager, charity, or sole trader. Unlike some companies that you come across, we're not an agency NOR are we a one-man band. We're a franchised network of bookkeepers who can cover for each other should the need arise. So there's no danger of us getting 'too busy' and then becoming unreliable and leaving you in the lurch. We all get involved with the bookkeeping work, so we know and understand your problem....


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We know that a lot of business owners are busy. You need to generate sales, you may have unreasonable staff to deal with, and you get bullied by your clients - we know. Boogles was formed by an entrepreneur so we 'get it' - and, as you've probably sensed by now... we're not your normal, average, boring accountant. No, we're realists, who get involved and help you with the bookkeeping in your business - we're not stuck in our office miles away with no idea what you look like. We're in the trenches with you.

We normally work on-site and so are happy to arrange to visit you. This means that we come in, roll up our sleeves and get involved. OR, you can send your stuff to us, we'll do it in our office in London and then send it back to you. We're flexible.

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Chances are, you've either got receipts coming out your ears, and are tired of the chaos, and want to get it sorted out, OR you are doing everything yourself now, and just don't have time in your life because you are getting too busy and need to pass this job onto a reliable person OR you've tried passing this stuff on before, and they just sat on it and did nothing (but charged you for the privilege) OR you are just starting out, and doing the right thing, by trying to get organised from the off set.



Perhaps you had a book-keeper before who was brilliant, but had to leave (maternity, retirement, relocation or they got too expensive), or maybe you had a nightmare situation, and are reluctant 'to go through all that again' . Perhaps you've already tried to find someone, and it just proved too difficult, or you just want to see what else is out there. Either way - rest assured, we are here to stay, and CAN help you out.

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